Making My Own Money Motto

Franco Lombardo presenting the "Money Motto"

What is your emotional relationship with money? Well I know I feel great when I spend it and even better when I make it. There is this kind of ‘high’ when I buy new clothes or a new pair of shoes: I feel like I’m on top of the world… even if it’s just for a few moments. I know that making the ‘sale’ is a thrill which gives me an adrenaline rush. But I also know, through second hand experience what it means to be without money.

Yesterday I attended the second installment of ABFI’s Authors Breakfast Series. I listened to Franco Lombardo, author of “Money Motto – The Path to Authentic Wealth” speak about his theory that everyone has their own money motto and their own personal, emotional relationship with money. In business terms it would be a statement that encompasses your thoughts and feelings about your own relationship with money. Some examples of money mottos according to Lombardo include:

  • More money means more control.
  • Money allows me to fit in.
  • Money makes me feel loved.

But I couldn’t identify with those so I decided to make my own. For me it’s more like ‘money means I’m free’. Free from what? Free from expectation and accountability. Although I thrive on responsibility, I also wish, to be free from it and in my mind and my heart, money seems to be the key.

Lombardo’s presentation was thought provoking and interesting. Specifically targeted towards families with children, Lombardo discussed how children need and crave the passing on of their parents’ value systems – both emotionally and financially.

I’m curious to see his next book, a duo children’s story (written by his own kids!) and parent guide book about how bullying affects one’s relationship with money. “Money Bully” is set to be available on Pink Shirt Day.

ABFI attendees enjoying Franco Lombardo's presentation.

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