Changing pace or changing place?

Companies grow and people join and leave them all the time, but how does that work when it comes to family? Do you have a policy on how family members can join your company? Do you take everyone who needs a job?

When the economy was in full upswing and you needed bodies more than you needed talent, hiring any family member who wanted a job was easy. Nowadays when we have to let go of some of our best people to keep the company afloat it’s much more difficult. Have you taken the time you need to insure that your hiring practices get you the very best you need to make your business successful?
Some thoughts to consider:

  • What is the education requirement for your staff?
  • What experience do you want your staff to have?
  • Should family have worked outside of the business so that they have new  experience and skills to add to the team?
  • Does family start at the bottom and work their way up?
  • Why are you hiring them? Is it in the best interest of the business?
  • Who does the performance evaluations for employed family members?
  • How do you let go of a family member if they are not doing their job?
  • When is the right time for a promotion and who decides that?
  • What is the salary scale and how are increases decided?
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  1. Hah I’m really the first comment to this awesome article.

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