Loans, debt and my best friend

My family has been in real estate for many years now. While growing up, the names of my grandfather’s lawyer and banker where mentioned so often that I thought they were relatives. As a matter of fact, when Grandpa’s lawyer passed away just a little while ago even family members who had only met him once, or knew him by name only, felt the grief of his passing.

Lawyers and bankers play such a major role in our lives, our businesses and ultimately our success that in many ways they know more about us than our best friends do. The challenge is, How do we pass this intimate relationship on to the next generation?

For us, well, let’s just say we’re working on it. I have a call in to our banker and I’m hoping things go smoothly. I have the support of my grandfather and my parents and they will be there to back me up. In the meantime I can’t wait until March 25, 2010 to hear what Kevin Zimmel from RBC has to say to make this a little bit easier.

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