12 Steps to a Succession Plan

Succession planning is a natural process in a successful business and one that can (and should) be positive and empowering. The Alberta Business Family Institute has compiled a comprehensive 12-step process to assist you as you embark on setting your plans in place and preparing for your retirement. Our program promotes engaging and effective components to enable your business to forge ahead and continue the legacy of your hard work as well as provide a livelihood for your successors. 

Some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do you have a comprehensive list of all the key documents required to be reviewed and analyzed as you proceed through succession?   
  • Have you and your stakeholders recently reviewed the vision and strategic potential of your business? 
  • Have you established an educational mentorship to equip the next generation with your expertise?
  •  Is open communication with key stakeholders, family members, management and yourself effectively providing the plans and expectations to all involved?  

If you require guidance in your preparations, we can help. The Alberta Business Family Institute’s Creating Pathways Project will be hosting full-day workshops across Alberta to deliver the necessary tools that will walk you through the 12-Step Succession process. Please contact Judy Manning @ 780-672-0376 or judy.manning@ualberta.ca for information and details on events in your area.

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