Fad Succession Plan Diets

This morning I read my daily dose of Seth Godin’s Blog. Today’s article was on social media, but more importantly it’s the difference between a process and an event. Why is this important to you? Hiring a manager is an event, succession planning is a process. 

To quote Seth: “Events are easier to manage, pay for and get excited about. Processes build results for the long haul.

Think of it this way: a fad diet is an Event. You lose a bit of weight fast; it’s exiting but rarely lasts. Not only does the weight loss not last but the rebound is often worse. 

A weight loss plan is a Process. You need to stick with it as it is slow and steady but if done right the results last. 

So is your Succession Plan an Event or a Process? 

Resources to check out:

Upcoming programs:

  • Succession Planning Series
  • Creating an Outside Board of Directors
  • Rights of Passage: Tests, Trials and Tribulations. Assessing Leadership and the Business Successor
  • What your Banker Wishes the Next Generation would Think, Do and Say

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