Lest We Forget

In this week of November 11, I’m reminded of the sense of purpose and mission that our veterans returned home to Canada with after World War I in 1918, then again after World War II in 1945. Whether due to the horrors of war that they witnessed overseas, or the thankfulness they felt at having survived while so many did not, these men and women returned with a renewed passion to make their world a better place in which to live and raise children.

Since World War I, we’ve seen the emergence of a whole host of service groups and organizations devoted to helping others – Kiwanis, Lions Club, Rotary, to name a few. We’ve benefited from the creation of local community leagues; with the oldest continuing community league being formed in 1917 right here in Edmonton – Crestwood Community League.

As we remember our veterans this week, I wonder, how are we honouring their legacy? How can we contribute in such a way that our daily lives are a reflection of the societal values and freedoms so hard won?

If you own a family business, do your values, morals and principles guide your organization in its growth and success? Building on these values in supporting your community is a key part of your legacy. To learn more about this subject, we are offering a seminar in December entitled, Family Values – Family Foundations and Philanthropy. This seminar is structured to support you in developing and leading your family’s community vision through family foundations and philanthropy.

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