Core Human Skills

I was forwarded a blog post recently about the 12 core human skills that you should work on if you wish to improve your life and work – great personal advice that it wouldn’t hurt to follow. But let’s take a different look at things.

Here is how the post starts:

Scott Adams, creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert,
 a simple but useful strategy of personal success:
you can either choose to hyper-specialize and become the best in the
world (top 1%) at doing one very specific thing, or you can try to
become very good (top 25%) in as many different areas as possible,
which you can then use in combination. The latter strategy is far
easier, and is often more effective – by improving your skills in a
few different but related areas, you increase your versatility and
rarity, making your particular combination of skills more uniquely
valuable. Read more:

In the world of Family Business there is always the debate of fair vs. equal. But how do you compare the contributions of one child who is specialized and in the top 1% in their field and another who adds value in a more general sense by being the top 25% in three areas? How do they feel about each other’s contributions? How do you balance that when you want them to be partners and still make sure the company is successful? Does this make picking the next generation of leadership any easier?

Hearing from the experiences of others can help. In November you can learn from the experiences of the Fuller Family and in winter 2010 we will be having a panel on just this kind of issue. Stay tuned…

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